Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary – Kangaroo Island

The 5000 acre Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the western end of Kangaroo Island, between the Kelly Hill Caves Conservation Park and the Flinders Chase National Park.

It is bordered by over 100,000 acres of protected wilderness lands and the Great Southern Ocean. It is the gateway to South Australia’s most iconic wilderness area and is connected to the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail http://www.kangarooislandwildernesstrail.sa.gov.au which creates walking access to Remarkable Rocks. Pristine beaches,spectacular coastline,old growth maritime bushland and forest plus abundant wildlife combine to make this area one of Australia’s most awe inspiring places.

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary offer the following:

  • Beachfront cabins
  • Wildlife Tours
  • Visitor Centre & Cafe